SPC Herringbone

GETAFloor Herringbone SPC Floor

GETAFloor Herringbone SPC Floor is the most popular PSC floor pattern, which is now very popular in both home and commercial installations. The angular appearance looks stunning on the floor. With such excellent versatility, GETAFloor Herringbone SPC Vinyl Floor Collection complements a series of houses, bringing a touch of elegance to any room.

Best Herringbone Flooring For Commercial & Residential Areas

Herringbone has become the most popular style in floor decoration today. GETAFloor combines this decorative talent with a special SPC board. With super wear-resistant veneer and strong base, you can enjoy the custom aesthetic feeling of the pattern for life with our Herringbone Wood-Look SPC Planks! In order to make the Herringbone SPC floor more realistic, we have color films of the same board and different color shades, and the two colors are mixed and matched to make the paving effect more perfect.

GETAFloor Herringbone SPC Floor Specifications

GETAFloor Herringbone SPC Floor is a newly developed style in recent years. It is slotted by a special machine. Compared with the conventional vinyl plank, the size of the herringbone SPC floor is smaller. However, due to its special laying method, it is more beautiful and three-dimensional than the traditional straight-line paving method. 

Why choose Herringbone SPC Flooring?

Therefore, if you are looking for a versatile herringbone floor, GETAFloor Herringbone SPC Floor is undoubtedly your first choice, fitting perfectly for both contemporary and traditional interiors. To learn more about this type of flooring, please contact us now.

  1. The herringbone floor is a classic composition, with elegance and characteristics, adding beauty to the entire decoration of the room.

  2. The benefits and advantages of SPC vinyl floors make your desired herringbone style is achieved in any area even in the wet bathroom or a busy office.

  3. The "click" system makes the herringbone SPC floor is very easy to install for new projects, and fast removes for redecorate or redesign your room in the future.

  4. Herringbone SPC floor with wood texture or wood veneer can be the more cost-effective and durable alternative to herringbone wood flooring.


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